Teaching & Mentoring

Instructor of Record

In Fall 2024, I am teaching Calculus II (Math 112).

Previous teaching experience: Instructor of Record, Emory University

  • Calculus I, Fall 2022
  • Calculus II, Spring 2023
  • Calculus II, Spring 2024

Directed Reading Program

I mentor undergraduates through the Directed Reading Program (DRP) on advanced topics not traditionally offered in an undergraduate catalog.

I have mentored the following undergraduate students to learn a topic together, with guided discussions, and helped them prepare a final mathematics presentation for an audience.

  • Sasha Ustilovsky (Fall 2021), Introduction to Algebraic Number Theory.
  • Meg Ruder (Spring 2022), Elementary Number Theory.
  • Harper Wang (Fall 2022), Set Theory.

I have also mentored with the Spelman-Morehouse DRP.

  • Josh Kyei (Spring 2024), Squaring back to the 1700s.


I have had both TA and grading responsibilities, where I graded student assignments, conducted lab sessions for up to 40 students, and held office hours.

  • Linear Algebra, Spring 2022, Teaching Assistant
  • Linear Algebra, Fall 2021 Teaching Assistant
  • Probability and Statistics II, Spring 2021, Grader
  • Probability and Statistics I, Fall 2020, Grader